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Trelles Gunshop

History of a company Our history begins in 1910 when my great-grandfather Moisés Trelles Fernández founded Casa Trelles in Pola de Laviana, a small river village on the Rio Nalón, located in what, years later, in the 50's, would become one of the most important mining areas from Spain.


Laviana 1945Laviana 1945


Casa Trelles was a drugstore of the early century in the tradition of the typical American Drugstore's.

In it my great-grandfather dispensed from a masterly formula for the most punished skins, passing through carbide stones to illuminate the houses, talcum powder for newborns, window panes or the first bulb sold in the whole valley of a brand of strange name that was just installed in Spain: Philips.

The years passed, were times of uncertainty, times of scarcity and between wars, where to obtain products of outside, of the so-called "modern", became sometimes task more than difficult.


Angeles Trelles en la drogería 1955Ángeles Trelles in the drugstore, 1958


The 1956 my father Moisés Trelles stood in front of the family business with my pure grandmother and Aunt Angels because of the sudden death of my grandfather Antonio.

At that time my father was already starting to go around the head to mount some business related to his great hobby for hunting and fishing.

Hobby that was received from very early with sonorous "Zapatillazos" (hit with the slipper) by my grandmother Pura.
After three years, in 1959, my father decided to expand the business and rode in a local next door a small appliance store and as what can not be can not be and also is impossible, no one could deny him the whim of letting him show on a bookshelf a 16 mm shotgun from the firm's signature and two boxes of cartridges Trust Brand.

This is where our history of arms begins.


Familia Trelles 1959

Trelles family , 1958


Gradually the customers began to appear, to see weapons in existence and to have an assortment of them to choose was transformed, in those times of scarcity, in a gift for the senses.

In 1965 my father bought a small place in front of the street and was truly there where he tore the history and adventure of Trelles Gunshop.

Thanks to my father and the invaluable collaboration that only a mother can do when it comes to controlling and managing a business, our gunshop became, over the years, a benchmark in all of Asturias.
Almost 100 years contemplate us since in that 1910 my great-grandfather put the world on the Mount and decided to invest what little he had in a business of those characteristics.

Many things have happened, good and bad, big and small, successes and business failures, but here we go.


Moisés, Maripaz y Fredo 1976

Moisés, Maripaz y Fredo, 1976


At the beginning of 1998 I decided to set up a website for our company.

It was one of the first to be made in Spain concerning the arms and the mountain.

When I told my father and explained what it consisted of and how a Web worked, this one, with the speed that characterizes me released "but who is going to be the fool (well, said something much stronger) that wants to buy something without seeing it physically and without touching it?".

Dad ... as the world has changed, huh?
We made it between a friend and me with more illusions than media and with no publicity; Nor did he have the money for a big website or to make massive advertising in specialized media.

Thinking about how to achieve a good commercial and business expansion I remembered the texts of Philip Kotler, a guru of American marketing.

According to him there is no better goodwill or cheaper advertising than that of a satisfied customer.

I lit the "bulb", treat someone well, in this case, a customer, is easy and above all, it is free, it costs nothing.


Moisés en el Cares 1976

Moisés in the Cares River, 1976


I just hung up the phone, was a great customer of Cadiz ... Cadiz.

If my great-grandfather would raise his head and see how many places the great-grandson's company is known to be proud of him.

Our business base is customers, good customers.

We do not measure a good customer as the Financial Times or General Motors could do, no.
For us a good customer is the one who calls us or sends an e-mail trusting that we will attend to him in a professional, fast and especially friendly way.

To me, and by extension to my company, it gives us exactly the same as a client asks us for a screw for a colt Pietta of 1 euro or an express rifle to go safari of more than 7.000e.

Moisés en Redes cobrando un venado 1981

Moisés in Redes Natural Park after hunting a deer, 1981


What we are looking for in armeriatrelles.com is that the client feels well cared for and, above all, valued.

In armeriatrelles.com all our customers are treated and valued in the same way, no matter what a customer can spend; It matters who has chosen us to do so.

That is our gratitude and our philosophy.
We do not live by the name or fame; We live on customers who like you who read me, give us their confidence in the time to fill them with the necessary items to enjoy their afición; Whether it is hunting, sports shooting, mountain or observing nature.

I do not believe in the most remote, I say it at heart, that we are the best armory in Asturias, Spain or continental Europe; That would be a arrogant attitude, out of place and uncertain.

In what if we are great is to have such good teeth and I say this with total conviction; There are no square footage or television advertising that will surpass it.



I always say everyone is looking for a place in the sun.

I'm sure that next to your house you have an armoury, a good armory; And I don't mean good armory because of its size; The quality of a company is not measured by its size, I mean good armory because in front of it there is a serious and formal trader.
So where does armeriatrelles.com fit in the context of the world of arms and sporting equipment in the rest of Spain?

Why would you choose between the abundant and varied offer in the line of establishments which, like ours, abound in the length and breadth of our geography?

It's simple, maybe one day you'll find a hard piece to get for your weapon or a specialized product to practice your afición that you don't find easily.

If that were so, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be really happy to try to provide and help you in what you need.



For me it is a satisfaction to go to work every day, I always have a call or an e-mail from someone from my area, Cadiz, Canary Islands or Barcelona ... and on many occasions that someone writes or calls us from someone who knows us and that, my friend, is something unpayable.

Of course, we are not perfect and make mistakes.

But I think the true honesty in this life is knowing how to live up to it when you make a mistake, shadow it and remember it to try not to repeat it again.
So if one day we do not attend as you think you should deserve or catch us with "the leg changed" us please; We'll know how to correct the fault.

Neither my parents nor I can be more thankful to the hundreds of good customers we have.

Without them, without you, we wouldn't be anybody.

Thank you for allowing us to continue our company and to allow ourselves, day by day, try to improve to become, not the best armory in Spain, not ... if not to become your best travel companion.

On behalf of my family and all the team that we form Armory Trelles receives a sincere and cordial greeting from the Viana, Asturias, Spain.

Alfredo Trelles