Terms of purchase guns

For the purchase of weapons purchases it is necessary to send us scanned copies of DNI and corresponding weapons permit in force.
Many customers ask us about the shipment of arms to Europe:
Yes, its the answer; but there are a number of documents and data that you should keep in mind:
Any firearm needs to obtain an export license to be shipped out of Spain. Anyone.
Shipping and handling costs approx. for sending a weapon:
You need an Import License from your country.
The Import License includes the weapon model and it serial number; to obtain the serial number you must first pay the price of the gun (or guns) that you are going to acquire and the costs of shipment / processing:
Gun price + 189e (short gun / long gun):
This shipping cost is an example with destination France; depending on the European Country the shipping cost will vary.
If you combine more than gun the price only increase 20e per additional gun.
So, if you combine more than gun you save a lot in shipment costs.
If you buy for example 2 or 3 weapons for several friends all must travel in the name of the same person. This way you only pay one shipment. And the Import License must arrive to us only with the name of the same person. That is, that person would own all the weapons.
Once received your payment we will send you invoice with all the data of the gun; so that you can request your import license to your police authorities.
The following is the name of the license to be requested in several languages:
Speciale vergunning wapens en munitie

Povolení k preprave zbraní nebo streliva podnikatelem
Uprzednia zgoda prezewozowa na kazdorazowe przemieszcanie
Zustimmung für das Verbringen von Schusswaffen / Munition
Accord prealable pour le transfert d´armes a feu et de munitions

We also need a copy of your identity card.

Once all your documents have been received we will proceed to request our export license. In Spain, the bureaucracy in arms is very slow; estimates that it will take about 20/30 days to send the gun.
So can we export guns and sell you a gun? Yes.
Is it slow and a bit complicated? As well.

We send weapons to all of Spain and European continental countries.